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I was born and brought up in Srilanka, where most people use natural, traditional medicine along with Western Medicine. I firmly believe in body’s natural healing power and natural medicine and seek natural remedies as much as possible.

During a very stressful period in mid 90’s I received regular Reflexology sessions. I was really fascinated by the results. They were very enjoyable, relaxing, therapeutic, de stressing and gave me a very feel – good sense. Also I had more energy, improved sleep and digestion to mention a few benefits. I continued to receive Reflexology regularly.

I wanted to learn this wonderful therapy and in the mean time I read an article about Shiatsu and I was just drawn towards it. So I decided to study both, Reflexology and Shiatsu and enrolled myself in 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed the courses.


I studied Reflexology at the Practitioners School of Reflexology, graduating in July 2002 and became the Member of The Association Of Reflexologists in 2003 (MAR).

I further studied the part one of Suzan Enzer’s Maternity Reflexology course and several of Lyne Booth’s Vertical Reflexology courses (VRT).

I have also completed a diploma course on Nerve Reflexology with International Association for Nerve Reflexology and Manual Neurotherapy

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I studied Shiatsu for three years at the European Shiatsu School graduating in 2004. I took The Shiatsu Society exams and became a full member in 2005 (MRSS). I went on to take advanced Shiatsu studies at the CBShiatsu School (Classically Based Shiatsu) completing their advanced diploma course in 2005. Since then I have attended and assisted on many advanced Shiatsu courses with CBShiatsu. Studying CBShiatsu has deepened my knowledge on the Channel pathways (meridians), improved my diagnostic skills by using various diagnostic tools, gained more clear knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. This helped enabled me to give more profound treatments using various techniques.

I have maintained both a Reflexology and Shiatsu practice in West London since 2002 and my passion and fascination for complementary medicine made me to pursue this path as my full time career since 2006.

I worked at The Mulberry Centre (where they provide support and information for any one who is affected by cancer) as a part time voluntary Shiatsu practitioner. I really loved and enjoyed working with cancer patients. Shiatsu was giving them support before , during and after Chemotherapy. It helped them to deal with the shock of learning about the illness, digestive problem, sleeping problem, anxiety /depression, other emotional issues, physical pain and discomfort . Unfortunately I had to give up this work due to personal reasons.

I work as a part time Reflexologist at the Access project - A Day Centre run by the Richmond Council for people aged 18-65 who either have physical disability or sensory loss.
. Reflexology help them with relaxation. pain and emotional issues.

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I practice Yoga and Tai – Chi on a regularly. I also receive Reflexology and Shiatsu on a regular basis. These practices help me to maintain my physical, mental and emotional health, which help me with my diagnostic skills, keep myself calm, improve my focus and keep me grounded.

I believe with today’s life style getting busier and busier, pollution level getting to the highest level , everyone gets tired and stressed very easily. We need to take time to look after and de –stress ourselves. Regular treatments can help the body by improving circulation, aiding digestion, removing toxins, relaxing muscles and thus helping to reduce the effects of day-to-day stress.

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I always work with passion and the most rewarding part of my job is when I see the relaxed, happy, calm faces of my clients. And some of my adult clients had Childhood issues, which caused them unnecessary fear, tension and prevented them having trust and meaningful relationship with family, friends and personal relationships. After regular treatments most of them came out of fear and were able to have meaningful relationship and for me this is a great achievement.

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