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Shiatsu is a Japanese body work, which comes from the same tradition of Oriental Meridian Therapy as Acupuncture. In the case of Shiatsu, however, the Meridians are influenced by the hands rather than by needles. Shiatsu translates literally as “Finger Pressure”. In practice therapeutic pressure is applied by fingers, palms elbows and forearms. Pressure is applied to the meridians and acupuncture points of the body.

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Meridians are the invisible pathways in the body through which Vital Energy circulates to the organs, muscles, tendons, joints, bones and the sense organs. Meridians can get blocked because of outside factors such as exposure to extreme weather (heat, cold, dryness, damp, wind) and stresses or disease in any part of the body and the flow of energy in the body becomes irregular, erratic or stagnant. The pathways of energy in the body can either accumulate too much energy becoming blocked and stagnant, whilst other meridians can be left wanting for a good energy supply and become weakened. The muscles tissue organs and structure along that energy pathway will suffer accordingly and discomfort pain and disease will follow.

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Our thoughts and emotions being a form of energy flow throughout the meridians and unresolved or extreme emotional issues (anger, sadness, fear, worry, joy) can cause disruption to the energy flow in the body. That is why when we are emotionally upset we can feel our stress and tensions in our stomach, chest or joints and so on. By keeping the free flow of energy the build up of these stresses will be eased.

By looking at the client’s posture, complexion and tongue, asking various questions about their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and by palpating various acupuncture points and the meridians a Shiatsu practitioner can establish which meridian has the excess or stagnant energy and which has deficient energy. Then he or she will use various Shiatsu techniques like, joint mobilisation, gentle muscles stretching, holding or manipulating acupressure points to tonify the deficiency and disperse the excess to bring about harmony, healing and balance in the body mind and emotional state of the client.

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Shiatsu pressure is usually applied to the body through light clothing while the client lying on futon or a couch. Shiatsu sessions are very enjoyable, deeply relaxing yet very energising. It can be used by any age group including children.

Shiatsu can be used for muscular skeletal problems such as back pain, joint pains, stiffness, and injuries, headache, insomnia, digestive issues menstrual issues, fertility issues and in pregnancy, to stimulate the body’s immune system during illness or convalescence or to balance the emotions and de-stress the body. As such Shiatsu can be used to help in specific conditions or just as a part of a well balanced life-style programme.

Please wear loose cotton clothing (Track suit) and clean socks

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This what some of my clients have to say about Shiatsu

"I have a very stressful job and family life. I was physically very active and enjoyed physical activities, but mentally and psychologically I was exhausted and bored with my job and life. I just wanted to run away. A work colleague recommended Shiatsu. After my second session of shiatsu, I started to feel much happier. Even though I still get frustrated and angry, I am able to cope with the situation much better. I have started to enjoy my job and spending time with my family". TP

"I used to get very irritated and tired a week before my period. My periods were irregular, had bad stomach cramp and clots. Having regular shiatsu improved my mood and energy in general and also before my periods. My period is very regular now. I do not get any stomach cramp and the clots are much less". CJ

"I had severe neck and back pain after a car accident 15 years ago. I had to wear the collar when I went to bed. But when I turned my pain came on and used to wake me up. After each of my shiatsu sessions, I was able to sleep better, the pain eased notably and gave me a relaxed and light feeling". SB

"I have benefited enormously from Aruna's shiatsu therapy. I originally went to see her on the recommendation of a friend and it has made a great difference to my life. Aruna is so professional and knowledgeable and I could not recommend her highly enough. For me the feelings of welbeing and relaxation after seeing Aruna cannot be overstated". HW

These are a few Testimonials from general public about Shiatsu

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