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Reflexology is a safe, natural, relaxing therapy, providing more than physical benefits as it deeply calms and balances the mind body and spirit. Human touch and interaction are at the heart of Reflexology

It works on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all parts of the body including the glands, internal organs, nervous system, and muscular skeletal system.

Gentle therapeutic pressure massage is applied to the feet or hands to stimulate the reflex points there to activate the body’s own healing abilities and to balance the body and mind. This enables the body to work harmoniously, creating health and well being.

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Reflexology helps to eliminate toxins, improve blood supply, boost immune system and restore energy and balance. It is beneficial for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including: Back pain, Migraine, Infertility, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, sports injuries, digestive disorders and stress related conditions.

Reflexology can detect subtle changes in specific areas of the client’s feet/hands and its application and effects are unique to each person. Reflexology is suitable for all age groups, including pregnant women and children. Having completed a course of treatment for a condition, many people continue with regular treatment to maintain health and well being.

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This is what some of my clients have to say:

I have always had cold feet and hands and during the winter months I would get very bad chilblains on my feet .The skin got so red and painful that it almost made be crippled.
"I had ten sessions of regular reflexology, and last winter I did not have any more problems with chilblains and my hands and feet are not cold any more". YE

"I have a very busy and stressful life style. I don't have a regular meal time. I used to get a sharp stomach pains, a rumbling stomach, constipation and indigestion. After the first reflexology session, my pain level decreased remarkably. I had six weekly sessions and my digestive system improved enormously. I am also much relaxed and calm now". RT

I had lower back pain since I had my second child 10 years ago. I would also get a constant shoulder pain and headache due to working on the computer all day long, which made me very stressed and irritable. I was unable to have deep and good night’s sleep. Having regular reflexology sessions over six months eased my pain and headaches and I am much more relaxed. I am now able to get a good night’s sleep. Very occasionally, if I am too tired, I still get a mild back ache but it is not constant or as severe as before". IR

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"I saw Aruna for reflexology sessions prior to becoming pregnant and also during my pregnancy. I found the reflexology very beneficial and the sessions were very calming and uplifting. Aruna is a very caring person who is ideally suited to being a reflexologist. No matter how stressed I went into the sessions, I always felt calmer and happier afterwards". BC

"In the middle of my AS level exams, I found myself unable to cope with the high level of work. I was very stressed, anxious, unable to concentrate on my studies and started to have palpitation.
A friend suggested having reflexology. I am so glad I listened to her and went for reflexology with Aruna. Straight away during my first session itself I felt calm and relaxed. I had three sessions before my next exam paper. My palpitation had disappeared, I was able to think clearly, concentrate on my studies and managed to finish off my exams with a positive mind.
I highly recommend reflexology to any one with stress and anxiety" TT

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Also please visit the following You tube channels to find out more about Reflexology and how people have benefited from it.

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