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Welcome and thank you for visiting qiflow.

I am Aruna Ravithasan. I run the qiflow practice specialising in Reflexology, Zone Face Lift and Shiatsu in Hounslow TW3 area from my home .

My practice is licensed by Hounslow Council and is within minutes walk from Hounslow East and Central tube stations, Hounslow bus station and the Hounslow main line station.

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Reflexology and Shiatsu both are gentle,natural and holistic bodywork therapies, which are relaxing and pleasant to receive. They work to promote mental and physical harmony and balance. They centre around the application of therapeutic touch, which is both nourishing and soothing.

These therapies are complementary to the orthodox Western Medical care and are natural, safe, non invasive.

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These two therapies have their roots in oriental medicine, which acknowledges the importance of the free flow of vital Energy (“Qi” in Chinese or” Prana” in Ayurveda) and blood throughout the body as being essential to our health and vitality. Most health problems are considered to be due to either a lack of qi and blood nourishing the body and mind or due to the obstruction of the flow of qi and blood causing blockage and disease.

Both these therapies enhance the free flow of Qi and Blood, which stimulates the body's innate healing capabilities.

With today’s life style getting busier and fatigue, stress and pollution visiting us almost daily, we need to take time to look after ourselves. Having some Reflexology or Shiatsu therapy is a great way to calm down and put something good back into ourselves.

You don’t have to be ill or have a health issue to enjoy the benefit of these wonderful therapies. They are enjoyable, relaxing, therapeutic and can give you a real sense of well being.

They have known to be helpful in back pain, depression, sleep disorder, digestive disorder, pregnancy, migraine, infertility, menstrual problem and more

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qiflow in Hounslow TW3, West London on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday provides the highest level of Reflexology and Shiatsu.

qiflow is situated with easy access from Twickenham, Chiswick, Ealing, Staines and Slough

I look forward to seeing you at the qiflow practice very soon. - Aruna.

Special Offers

Very First Session
Reflexology £ 30 ( Usually £45)
Shiatsu £ 30 (Usually £45)
Zone Face Lift £ 45 (Usually £80 )

End of the first session if you book and pay for the second session you will get £10 off from the original price of the respective therapy.

When you have your first full Reflexology or Shiatsu Session you can have 1/2 hour taster Zone Face Lift session for £30 (Usually cost £45 )

Member of:
The Shiatsu Society
The Association of Reflexologists

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